Weed Wars -1×4- Harborside’s Alternative 4/20 Celebration

Posted by d`who On Saturday, December 24, 2011 0 comments

April 20th, known within the cannabis community simply as “4/20″, has been the unofficial international marijuana holiday for over thirty years. It’s also Harborside Health Center’s busiest sales day of the year. As much as Steve DeAngelo loves 4/20 as a day of celebration and booming business, he fears that widespread images of tie-dyed hippies smoking six-foot joints ultimately damages the credibility of their “medical movement” with the public at large. This year, only three days after 4/20, Harborside Health Center is launching “Deep Green”, a festival aimed at characterizing marijuana not as an intoxicant, but as an aid to wellness. Will their festival dramatically rebrand the public’s image of the plant, or simply attract the same old stoners?


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